Welcome to our ‘Spirit of the Moor’ page. The idea is for it be a place to share thoughts, interviews and art about what Harford Moor means to local people.

It may have significance of a specifically religious or spiritual kind – I know for me that being in a big, beautiful landscape reminds me that the preoccupations of our busy human minds are only a small part of the picture and I feel more open to God and to prayer. I am also moved by the ancient archaeology, which reminds me of hundreds of generations of people living here and expressing their sense of something ‘other’ in their standing stones, tombs and granite crosses.

However, other people may simply feel more at one with Nature, or calmed by the peace and quiet.  Each individual will have their own personal relationship with this corner of the Moor.

We look forward to sharing more thoughts with you, and maybe hearing yours…?

A woman standing next to an ancient stone cross on Dartmoor
Lorna, Spirit of the Moor co-ordinator

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