Creative picnic on Harford Moor – Sunday 14th May

How to Bury the Giant In Moss and Moor Written By The Art and Energy Collective Celebrate, restore and explore, walk with us to Harford Moor on the edge of Dartmoor and help us Bury the Giant with moss and celebrate this living landscape with those that manage it. An exciting opportunity to come along on…More

Harford Special Spaces 2023

On Sunday 23rd April, the first walk of the Harford Special Spaces series will start at St John’s church, Ivybridge at 2pm. The route will go through the Cleeve to Lukesland, then across the moor to St Petroc’s Church, Harford. Here there will be tea and cake at 5pm, followed by a short Celtic style…More

Harford Special Spaces

From June to November 2022 a series of walks from St Petroc’s Church, Harford, took place on the fourth Sunday of each month. The aim of the Harford Special Spaces series was to: Explore this beautiful Dartmoor parish, reflecting on its history and environment, guided by local people who know it well. Link in with…More

How to Bury the Giant In Harford Moor

21 Oct  Written By Naomi Wright Our first event for How to Bury the Giant has been in Harford Moor. We hoped for new dialogue and creative investment. We wanted the energy in the moor to speak to everybody present and we thought that we might deliver some tangible restoration and celebrate. In this first event…More

Piles Copse, by David Bagott

Remanent of ancient splendour Noble in isolation. Family heirloom, More valued than gold. Roots beyond the present When humankind  Was but a speck on the landscape. Before the land was, Sheep shattered; slag scattered, Stone slogged and groaning. In the shadows, cloud and leaf speckled, Moss clad stone, web strung, Where silence is never total.…More

A wild, wet place – by Clive Venables

Contributed by Clive Venables (resident, writer, artist, farmer) Dartmoor.  A wild wet place abundant with hints of history as evidence of huge but transient efforts to tame it. Seen as a refuge from marauding gangs, a source of fuel and mineral goodies, a detention centre for P.O.Ws. and society’s delinquent hopeless. Today the reluctant recipient of the…More

Harford Moor – by James Martin, artist

In the first of our ‘Spirit of the Moor’ series – reflections on what it means to live near, work on and be inspired by Dartmoor – local artist James Martin describes how the landscape of Harford Moor inspires his art. For as long as I can remember I have had the inclination and urge…More

Welcome to Spirit of the Moor

Welcome to Spirit of the Moor! Our idea is that this page should be a place to share thoughts, interviews and art about what Harford Moor means to local people. It may have significance of a specifically religious or spiritual kind – I know for me that being in a big, beautiful landscape reminds me that the…More