Piles Copse, by David Bagott

Remanent of ancient splendour Noble in isolation. Family heirloom, More valued than gold. Roots beyond the present When humankind  Was but a speck on the landscape. Before the land was, Sheep shattered; slag scattered, Stone slogged and groaning. In the shadows, cloud and leaf speckled, Moss clad stone, web strung, Where silence is never total.…More

A wild, wet place – by Clive Venables

Contributed by Clive Venables (resident, writer, artist, farmer) Dartmoor.  A wild wet place abundant with hints of history as evidence of huge but transient efforts to tame it. Seen as a refuge from marauding gangs, a source of fuel and mineral goodies, a detention centre for P.O.Ws. and society’s delinquent hopeless. Today the reluctant recipient of the…More

Harford Moor – by James Martin, artist

In the first of our ‘Spirit of the Moor’ series – reflections on what it means to live near, work on and be inspired by Dartmoor – local artist James Martin describes how the landscape of Harford Moor inspires his art. For as long as I can remember I have had the inclination and urge…More

Welcome to Spirit of the Moor

Welcome to Spirit of the Moor! Our idea is that this page should be a place to share thoughts, interviews and art about what Harford Moor means to local people. It may have significance of a specifically religious or spiritual kind – I know for me that being in a big, beautiful landscape reminds me that the…More