How to get there

Access to Harford Moor

Because of its geography, there are few access points to Harford Moor other than across the moor from other parish moors – Ugborough to the east, Stall (Cornwood) to the west and the Dartmoor Forest to the north. From these sides, access is simply by walking. However, from the west it means crossing the River Erme, which can be difficult.

From the south there are two direct access routes on to Harford Moor.

  • From Stowford, on the Harford Road from Ivybridge just north of the bridge over the railway. A bridleway runs up the hill between the fields. This is clearly signed as part of the Two Moors Way. It leads up a track to a gate on to the moor. For this, there is ample free parking at the Ivybridge Railway Station, about half a mile from where the track leaves the public road.
  • From Harford Church, about two miles north of Ivybridge. The public road runs straight up the hill and ends at the gate on to the moor. There is very limited parking in Harford village.

There is also access at the southern end, from the Palace, David’s and Cantrell lanes between Ivybridge and Bittaford, on to Ugborough Moor. From where these open out on to the moor, it is not far until you reach Harford Moor.

Always take a map and compass when you go on to the open moor!

Harford Moor Gate car park

The car park at Harford Moor Gate had to be closed in early 2021 to control foot traffic on the erodible peaty soils of Bullaven Hill and heavy vehicle traffic in the narrow lane. It was also because we were no longer prepared to put up with the level of abuse of the area. The gate is still open, as it is on a bridleway. It is also used by farmers, the emergency services, National Park Rangers and South West Water officers visiting the Butterbrook Reservoir. Blocking the public road or the gate is an offence under the Highways Act 1980 and must be reported to the police to have the vehicle removed in case of an emergency on the moor.

The car park is now only usable by prior arrangement with the owner for:

  • Agro-ecological and other conservation survey teams;
  • Conservation volunteers;
  • National Park Rangers;
  • Dartmoor Marshals;
  • Search and rescue exercises;
  • Walking groups organised by the Ramblers Association;
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme groups and monitors.

If you represent a bona fide organisation that can contribute to the well-being of the moor and would like access to the car park, then please contact us.

If you think the car park could be re-opened and have a constructive proposal for managing it, then please contact us. We are frequently in contact with the local authorities, though so far none have been able to find a solution.