Creative picnic on Harford Moor – Sunday 14th May

How to Bury the Giant In Moss and Moor

Written By The Art and Energy Collective

Celebrate, restore and explore, walk with us to Harford Moor on the edge of Dartmoor and help us Bury the Giant with moss and celebrate this living landscape with those that manage it.

An exciting opportunity to come along on an exploratory and immersive walk up on the peaty wetland or mire (wear waterproofs, wellies or sturdy walking boots.). Experience new ways of looking at our landscapes, the energy and carbon they hold, the water they manage, the history and heritage stories they tell.

The route is a variable stony track up on top of the moor, the top of the moor has rocks and mossy lumps and bumps. If you have questions about this, email us

Find out about the role of the Dartmoor wetlands with the Headwaters Project and commoners who farm the moor, and others who manage land for all our futures.

Help restore the moor and join in with a ceremonial planting of local bio-original grown sphagnum in local wool based peat protectors, this work is part of our How to Bury the Giant In Moss and Moor project.

Make some art on the moor and share it on-line as part of the BurytheGiant moss art challenge

Bring along a picnic and eat it at the top of the moor with views far and wide to Plymouth, South Hams and the sea beyond.

You could catch the train to Ivybridge and make it a low carbon, car free , and relaxed day out! Alternatively there’s bike parking and free parking for cars.

PLEASE NOTE : The walking route is a 2.5 mile gentle up-hill over uneven and sometimes boggy ground to the Harford restoration site, and then back again – 5 miles total (see map below). We will follow a variable stony track up on top of the moor, which has rocks and mossy lumps and bumps as well as wet areas. There are no toilet facilities at the train station or on the moor.

Book your place to join the picnic

10.30 Meet at Ivybridge railway station car park and walk 2.5 miles over the moor to Hangershell at the top. (arriving between 12 noon and 12:30). Our team will be guiding you there.

This guided walk to the top of the moor will experience the living historic and mossy landscape and get to know people who work to protect our moors.

At the top:

-We will celebrate the role of the peaty and mossy wetlands. Plant locally grown sphagnum moss to help protect the ancient, and create new peat.

-Make art of the moss and moor with us. Bring your own art materials or use ours!

-Be energy detectives in the landscape.

– Stay for as little time or as long as you like

-Have your own picnic with stunning views of Plymouth Sound, South Hams and the Sea all around.

We will clear the site and return to the station car park by 4pm

Why not combine this with Lukesland garden open day 11am – 5 pm – a chance to see the gardens and have a cream tea. Children go free and there is a mossy trail to follow!

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