Stunning linocuts of local scenes by Harford artist Joanna Haigh on display in Lukesland Gardens tearoom

I am a mainly self-taught Lino artist. I previously studied Art and Art History at Oxford Polytechnic and taught Creative Textiles in Secondary schools.

I do Reduction Lino prints which means the whole print comes from one block, therefore limiting the number of prints that can be produced. I find it a very stimulating and exciting art form and am constantly learning from and being inspired by other artists.

My main inspiration is the natural world around us, with a particular interest in trees.

I grew up on Dartmoor, where I have recently returned to and which features in much of my work.

An exhibition of my work is on display in the Lukesland Gardens tearoom on Sundays and Wednesdays 11 – 5 till 13th November 2022. On Sunday 6th November I am doing a demonstration of the reduction linocut technique in the Lukesland servery.

Hangershell Rock, Harford Moor

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