A wild, wet place – by Clive Venables

Contributed by Clive Venables (resident, writer, artist, farmer)

Dartmoor.  A wild wet place abundant with hints of history as evidence of huge but transient efforts to tame it. Seen as a refuge from marauding gangs, a source of fuel and mineral goodies, a detention centre for P.O.Ws. and society’s delinquent hopeless.

Today the reluctant recipient of the deliberations of endless focus groups and bureaucratic committees bent on the burial of the stone movers, the excavators, the farmers, the builders and the innovators beneath a smothering blanket of well-intended resolutions and papers.     

The South Moor drains to the sea by several rivers etched deep through the South Hams lowlands through golden honeycomb pools past agonised ancient oaks. I love it.

An oil painting of bare trees above a Dartmoor stream, in the pale gold colours of winter
An oil painting of a river flowing down from a tor
An oil painting of a river flowing through a dark green wood
An oil painting of the Erme estuary with wide expanses of wet sand reflecting the light

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